Some of the following 2d-art was created for games, others just for fun or learning purposes.

Letters - a written adventure (2018-)

A word puzzle game about the life of Sarah told trough the letters she sent to her pen pal. Words not only build the game world but are the core mechanic of the game. Players can walk around freely in the letters, pick up and change words from the text, and use them as a tool to transform the world and rewrite Sarahs story.

in cooperation with: 

Aleksandra Iakusheva,

Martina Hotz,

michel Barengo

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Game trailer:

Character concept:


WIP animations in Spine:

Character illustrations (2018-)

Portraits of different "Dungeons & Dragons" characters:

Various "Dungeons & Dragons" illustrations:

Your Day (2016)

A game about a young woman, Emma, who died and got the opportunity to spend one last day on earth in her home town. 

She can do whatever she likes but has to go to the land of dead at midnight. Will she spend her last day helping her father on the farm, catching up with old friends and enemies, or even revealing a long kept town secret?

in cooperation with: 


Arno Justus

Character animation:

Character concept:

Background art:

Game trailer:

Girl and the beast (2014)

A small animation made in Adobe Flash.

Background Illustrations (2015)

Adobe Photoshop

Acrylic on canvas / wood (2013)

Ausgang (2016)

A multilinear adventure story book about four people in a madhouse who want to go to the cinema.

in cooperation with: 

Nicole Manojlovic,

Martina Hotz,

Malik Benabdallah

Book illustrations: